Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Performance Evaluation and Planning for Road Safety Measures Using Data Envelopment Analysis and Fuzzy Decision Making    Ph.D    Behnood, Hamid Reza    2010-11-14
2    Identification of accident prone locations based on Data Envelopment Analysis and Evidential Reasoning methods    Ph.D    sadeghi, ali asghar    2012-01-04
3    Analyze of web services through queueing models    M.Sc.    mohsenian heravi, shahrzad    2012-01-11
4    Location and job shop scheduling problem in fuzzy environment    M.Sc.    POORMOAIED, SAEED    2012-05-02
5    Introducing a supply chain planning model for agricultural products    M.Sc.    Hajimirzajan, Amir    2012-10-11
6    Inventory Replenishment Policy in A Supply Chain Under Uncertainty    M.Sc.    tohidi, sobhan    2012-12-26
7    Emergency service vehicle location with batch arrival for demands    M.Sc.    Davoudi, Roya    2013-01-02
8    The inventory- routing problem with transshipment    M.Sc.    Erfanian Golabforoushan Ahl Yazd, Sahar    2013-05-20
9    Parking Revenue Management with a Pricing Model Based on Queueing Theory    M.Sc.    HEJAZI, SEYEDMOHAMMAD    2013-09-11
10    Inventory routing problem with perishable good    M.Sc.    BABAGOLZADEH, MAHLA    2013-09-11
11    A two echelon production-inventory system for deteriorating items with considering transportation cost in integrated and non-integrated environment    M.Sc.    akmali, mehdi    2014-10-19
12    Combination queuing theory and A* algorithm in selection optimum bank (Case study: zone 1 in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Jahangard, Mahdi    2014-10-19
13    An EOQ model for deteriorating items with variable lead time    M.Sc.    heravi shargh, mina    2014-10-19
14    Inventory control with dynamic demand under the permissible delay in payment    M.Sc.    Reyhani, Fateme    2015-09-27
15    Designing supply chain network of mobile factories for material scattered in the network    M.Sc.    Behzad, Adele    2015-09-27
16    Integration of production planning and preventive maintenance    M.Sc.    erfanian eydi tousi, mahdi    2015-09-27
17    Determining the optimal temperature inside shelves and locating in food production transportation    M.Sc.    soltanzadeh mezerji, samira    2015-09-27
18    Modeling and Solving the blood & blood products assignment stochastic model (case study: yazd blood bank)    Ph.D    Zarezadeh, Mahboubeh    2016-02-16
19    Inventory management of manufacturers with yield uncertainty and lateral transshipments    M.Sc.    ASHJAEE, ARASH    2016-10-02
20    Designing an optimal allocation assets and liabilities model of the bank in an interactive network of three banks    Ph.D    Mohammadloo, Mohsen    2017-02-12
21    Optimal pricing and trade credit policies in competitive supply chain    Ph.D    Soleimani, Fariba    2017-09-20
22    Simultaneous effect of preventive maintenance, safety Stock and purchasing in the EPQ model subject to random machine breakdown    Ph.D    deiranlou, mehdi    2017-10-04
23    Economic Manufacturing Quantity under maintenance strategy with consideration of machine failure and carbon emission costs    M.Sc.    MOHASEL, SEYEDMOJTABA    2017-10-07
24    customer life time value and churn prediction with data mining techniques    M.Sc.    Modirkhazeni, Amir    2017-10-07